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Emma Higgins - Printmaker
EmEmma Higgins - Printmakerma Higgins - Printmaker

Emma Higgins - Printmaker

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Buckland Abbey

This month I've taken part in an exhibition called 'Spirit of Place' organised by the wonderful @DevonArtPop. 
It's being held at Buckland Abbey which is a beautiful National Trust property in Yelverton, Devon.  
I'm exhibiting three linocuts and the exhibition will be held for one month. 

Work in progress 

Buckland Abbey

Kitchen Garden

Buckland Bees

Here are the finished linoprints in situ at Buckland Abbey. 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Chickens and owls!

Hurrah! Two of my lino prints are being featured in two lovely new books that are being published as I type! They have been compiled by Alan Marshall of Mascot Media. 
My chicken linocut is in 'The Little Chicken Book'...

Here's my page... 🐓🐓🐓
Here's my own photo of the print and original carved block. 

I'm also lucky enough to have my blue owl lino print in this book too...

Mine is the one on the right 🌛

These books contain the work of so many wonderful printmakers, many who I'm totally in awe of. I keep pinching myself, I can't believe my work is in there too! 

Exhibiting at RHS Rosemoor

This bank holiday I was lucky enough to exhibit with Devon Art Pop. A lovely group of Devon artists organised by Jill Griffin and Theresa Shaw.

Our exhibition was at RHS Rosemoor over three days. Such beautiful gardens, I'd never visited before but will certainly return. 

My work is on the board on the left of this photo. 

Some photos of the gardens...

Two of my new lino prints for sale alongside poems kindly written by Chaz E Arnold aka  The Paignton Poet. 

Here are some if my new seedhead linocuts that I also exhibited at Rosemoor.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

TwitterArtExhibit in New York

This year I submitted this 'Wishing Bird' linocut to the TwitterArtExhibit at The Trygve Gallery in New York in aid of Foster Pride. 

Here you can see my carving the lino block. 

This is the finished lino print 1/1. 

Here you can see my finished print on the wall as part of the exhibition. 

This is the poster to advertise the event.

I'm going to enter again next year. It's being held in Stratford in the UK so I may be able to visit the exhibition next time around. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

100 happy days : )

Day 1- Sunlight on ferns 

Day 2 - Blue skies

 Day 3- Sun and shadows on the stairs. 

Day 4- Cat's eye 

Day 5 - New plants 

Day 6 - Spider weaver 

Day 7 - Morning waves

Day 8 - Cat nap

Day 9- New bracelet 

Day 10 - Mug of hot tea 

Day 11 - Busy bee

Day 12 - Joe

Day 13 - Lazy Sunday

Day 14 - Mum 

Day 15 - Cat dreams 

Day 16 -Dilly Doo Dah 

Day 17 - Morning treat 

Day 18 - Cosy 

Day 19 - Log basket 

Day 20 - Sunday roast 

Day 21 - Sunflowers 

Day 22 - Toasty 

Day 23 - Night in 

Day 24 - Sleepy 

Day 25 - 8 years : ) 

Day 26 - Sea 

Day 27 - light on leaves 

Day 28 
New Year coffee at Expressini in Falmouth. 

Day 29 - trees and sky 

Day 30 -Calm before the storm.

Day 31 - pink fluffy cloud 

Day 32 - Lush green 🌿

Day 33 - Sun on daffs 

Day 34 - morning moon 

Day 35 - signs of Spring 

Day 36 - Sunshine 

Day 37 - Chips in Brixham 

Day 38 -Bird on the wire

Day 39 - Sunrise 

Day 40- Morning birds 

Day 41 - Orangetip butterflies 

Day 42 - Beach hut love! 🎏

Day 43 - honeysuckle in a bud vase. 

Day 44 - Lily pads