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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Valentine's Lino Print Design

I know it's early but this weekend I have been thinking about some new designs for Valentine's. Last year I printed some love notes and gift tags ....

Last night I started work on a simple engraved heart design. First I drew the design onto brown paper, then I transfered the design onto lino.

Next I cut into the lino, I made sure that I cut out the parts of my design that I wanted to stay white.

Once I was happy with my design, I used a roller to apply an even layer of linseed oil based ink.
Then I used the back of an old wooden spoon to press hard on a sheet of paper I had laid over the top.

The last stage was to carefully peel back the paper to reveal the printed design (this is always my favourite part!).

Voila! The finished design!

This is now in my shop for £10... with a pure white mount. See it here...
It also comes in a deep pink colour as seen below.