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Monday, 13 January 2014

Making a lino print...

1. First I decided on the subject matter. Inspiration might come from something I've seen or imagined, a sketch I've made or a photograph I've taken. On this occasion I wanted to make a print of a mug of dried poppy heads that sits on my kitchen windowsill.
2. I drew out my design to plan the blocks of colour that I needed.
3. I traced the design and transferred it to a piece of lino.
4.In the photo below, you can see that first of all I carved out all the areas of my design that I wanted to stay white. You can see the sharp tools that I use to scrape away the lino.
5. I then used a roller to apply light yellow linseed oil based ink to my lino. Next, I pressed the lino onto paper to print the image. I rubbed on the back of the paper with a wooden spoon to make sure as much ink as possible was transferred from the lino to the paper. It's a bit like posh potato printing. I love peeling the lino away from the paper to reveal the print. you can never really tell what it's going to look like till this point and it never fails to excite me!
6. Once I had printed light yellow, my first colour, I had to think carefully. The next step was to cut away the lino in the places that I wanted to STAY light yellow. You can see below that I needed to cut away the middles of the poppies and the sides of the mug because I wanted them to stay light yellow.
7. Next I printed exactly over the top using dark yellow ink. You can see that the parts of the lino that I had just cut away, stayed light yellow. Still following? well done!
8. Now that I had dark yellow on top of the light yellow I had to cut away the parts of the lino block that I wanted to STAY dark yellow. Once I had done that, I applied grey ink to the lino block and pressed it onto the paper. Any parts that I had just cut away, stayed dark yellow. Any parts of the lino that remain on the lino block print out in grey.
9. Finally I just needed the very centres of the poppies to be printed in dark green. I cut away ALL the lino on the block apart from the very centres of the poppies. Again, I applied the ink and printed onto the paper. Because only the very centres of the poppies were left on the lino block, that is the only area that printed out in green.
This print is a limited edition of 25 prints and can be found in my shop here...

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