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Emma Higgins - Printmaker
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Emma Higgins - Printmaker

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Today : )

Today I'm working on two  lino prints...

The first one is of the beach huts at Preston near to where I live. I've applied 4 colours and I have 4 more to go- I'm pretty impatient when it comes to waiting for each layer of colour to dry before I can add a new one! 
I'm also working on another mussel shell print in purpley blues... It's a limited edition of 6 prints. I can't decide if they are finished or not : / I need to sleep on it.
Today's niceness is that my custom made house lino print has been featured on Folksy's home page under their 'Favourite Finds' feature. I was so chuffed that I took a screen shot - sad I know!! 
Later on, they shared it on their Facebook page!! : D

So that's what has been happening today!