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Emma Higgins - Printmaker
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Emma Higgins - Printmaker

Friday, 25 July 2014

How I package my prints ready for posting

If you buy a print from me, this is what happens next as I package it up ready for postage. I always take it to a tiny Post Office down the road, they call me 'The funny stamp lady' because I always glue old used stamps on my parcels for decoration purposes.
I use re-cycled materials for my packaging. I work in a school so I'm able to collect up all the old photocopy paper boxes which are a perfect size for my prints.

Here you can see that I've cut the box down to size and I've wrapped the prints in some pretty paper that I got free with a craft magazine. More recently I've started to wrap my prints in pretty pale blue tissue paper.

Next, I secure the edges with strong parcel tape.

I use brightly coloured Washi tape to make a box to write the address inside. If you've never used washi tape GET SOME! Its amazing stuff! I buy mine from Ruby and Dig who always provide great customer service.   

You can see as well that I've glued on some old stamps - just for decoration! I love the colours of them, such an easy way to give a parcel a lift!

I package my prints with lots of care and attention. I know myself, that lovely feeling you get when a pretty parcel arrives.
Finally, it's off to the post office!

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